What Is Supers Inc.


Supers Inc. is a non-traditional supers RPG in that it is quite deadly. People wear body armor, people fight with firearms and happen to have advanced psionic powers. The basis is super HUMAN not super HERO. 

The setting is 2033 on Earth where a treatment has been discovered for congenital defects and cancers. The treatment is soon applied to expanding mental capabilities and taps into parts of the brain associated with psychic powers. Every patient has the potential for any power but is usually only trained in the ones that the Sponsor desires. Sponsors are the ones who pay for the very expensive treatment. They fall into four large areas including Corporate, Military, Government and Rogues. Corporate sponsorship is the largest and most widely advertised. They use a system of Kites (secret operatives that set up press ops) and Schills (the brightly costumed heroes who save the day) to create press opportunities to promote their brand. Military and Government use the meta-humans (a term coined by the opponents of the Genesis Treatment) as high powered operatives to infiltrate and destroy the enemy. Sometimes this is up front, other times it is covert. Rogues are those that have either the money to sponsor themselves or lack the mental fortitude to make it through the program. Basically, they are usually the ones too insane to be trusted in the Sponsor's program.

Title Supers Inc.
Page Count 52
Format Saddle-stitch, Color interior
MSRP $19.99 in print,$7.50 e-format
SKU HWE 2300
Release Date Now!

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Blank Character Sheet 186K PDF

Metahuman Administration Services Character Sheet 165 PDF

GennerTech Character Sheet 132 K PDF

Daedalus Character Sheet 130 K PDF

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