What came before...

In the time before history, Annut, the first squirrel was the friend of Man. Anmeow, the cat goddess, became jealous and chased Annut and his kin off to the Other World. There, they were befriended by Mother Nature and founded the kingdom of Nuttopia. In time, the Fairies taught them magic and the Squirrel Kin applied it to all things squirrel-like. 

Crisis in Nuttopia

Nuttopia has grown and the tribes of squirrels are many. They now are dependant on the supply of nuts from the Shire. A horrible blight has struck shriveling their nuts. They must find a new supply and the only place they know of is the Mortal World. Thus, Operation: Get Mr. Jones' Nuts is born. 

A crack team of squirrels is assembled from the tribes of the Squirrel Kin. Even if they can only return with a small supply of nuts the passage through the Underworld will multiply them to hundreds and thousands.

Squirrel Tribes

  • The Grey rule over the rest from their nests in the bosom of the tree of life. 
  • Added to the Squirrel Kin are the Chipmonks, a religious order who honor Saint Assisi. 
  • The dreaded Squirrelferatu rule the passages to the Underworld and thus to the Mortal World. 
  • Tortured souls like the Squirrelcanthrope battle to control their rage so that they do not succumb to the madness and change into a raccoon. 
  • The Red Squirrel Tribe carry out a program of social revolution against the bourgeoisie Grey Squirrel Tribe. 
  • The Flying Squirrel Tribe quest for a new home after their balloon city was destroyed by the vile Hawk Reich. 
  • The Black Squirrel Tribe live under the oppressive shadow of the Squirrelferatu who hunt them for food.

What's Inside

Squirrel Attack contains a number of interesting features.

  • Maps detailing Nuttopia, Mr. Jones' Grove, House and buildings.
  • Six pre-genned characters that each include their own unique goals. Points are awarded if the character attains these goals and thus a "winner" can be determined. This makes for a marriage between RPG and board game.
  • The Iridium Lite system in just 12 pages.
  • Page count: 60.
  • Saddle-stitch, statement sized (5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall).
  • Full color interior.
  • History and setting information about Nuttopia and the history of the Squirrel Kin.
  • Play Squirrels.
  • Lots of Fun.

Buy Squirrel Attack Now! Mother Nature Commands It!

Free Downloads

Characters and Character Sheets

New Improved Blank Squirrel Character Sheet, 230 K PDF, Go Nuts Again!

Blank Squirrel Character Sheet, 50 K PDF, Go Nuts!

Donnabelle Peanut 50 K PDF, Flying Squirrel, Dog Hater, Seeking the Barnum Balloon

Lenny, 50 K PDF, Squirrelferatu, Must control thirst...thurst...ah, thrust, Seeking the blood of Jones Junior

Comrade Nutsky, 50 K PDF, Red Squirrel of the People, The People's Nuts will be shared by all The Proletariat!

Bruce LeRoi, 50K PDF, ChipMonk with an attitude

Bastion Nuttfellow, 50 K PDF, Grey Squirrel Noble, Work is no better than death!

Sir Grais deNwutt, 50 K PDF, Knight of the Church, Order of the Holy Brazil Nut, Leader of the Squirrel Pack

Zip File containing all the Characters (320 K, ZIP)

Wall papers

Pie Incident Wall Paper   Squirrel Attack! Wall Paper #1  

Squirrel Attack! Wall Paper #2   Squirrel Attack! Wall Paper #3

Retailer Sell Sheet

One sheet write-up to help retailers sell Squirrel Attack! 137K PDF

Promotional Posters

Large downloads - All formatted for 11x17 print out

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The Pie Incident

The Pie Incident has the return of the Squirrel A-Team led by Sir Grais deNwutt. The Princess Cashewe has had her Wedding Pie stolen and must have it returned. The Catsassins at the direction of the Dire Fiendish Grandma Kitty have stolen the pie in an attempt to lift the curse. What curse you say! The curse of an angry squirrel who Grandma Kitty wronged horribly. 

The party will be joined by Metis the Squirrelcanthrope and Phil the Spiny. Metis, a tortured soul seeking the liberation of the trees and Gaia as only one who REALLY LOVES nature can...you know what I mean. 

Phil is a good guy. 

He is a great porcupine. 

Phil is good like that. 

The Pie Incident has maps of Dire Fiendish Grandma Kitty's lair, the Pie Factory. A quaint Victorian teahouse, it is now a den of horror. Somethin' just ain't right in that place and it is the mission of the squirrels to find that pie and steal it back. 

So hurry in and Get Some Pie!

What's Inside

SKU HWE 1501
  • Four Color Maps

  • Metis the Squirrelcanthrope

  • Phil the Spiny

  • The Dire Fiendish Grandma Kitty

  • The not so Dire but still quite Fiendish Felicia

  • Catasassins!

  • A complete adventure

  • New Magic Items like the Monocle of Rasputin and the Divining Fork


MSRP $7.99 U.S.D.
E-Version $2.50 U.S.D.
Format Saddle-Stitch, Color Interior
Page Count 20
Release Date Now!

Shaolin Squirrels : Nuts of Fury

With the Shaolin Squirrels: Nuts of Fury we enter the world of kung-fu movies and over the top action. Whether you choose to play the original cast of squirrels with the new goals provided or the new cast of wronged guardians of the Last Dragon, you are sure to encounter fun at every turn. 

The new party is made up of Pei Mei, duaghter of the slain master, Pei Yu. Joining her in hew vow of vengeance is Pei Lo, estranged son of the Pei School of Martial Combat. Bo Bu, a wandering Panda joins them as his quest to recover his General Tsau's  Chicken before Pan Du, nefarious chef that he is, can decipher its mind bogglingly good recipe. Wu Tang, last of the Shaolin Squirrels, has vowed to avenge his brothers on The Han Man. Joining him at the ashes of his old monastery is Bhange Yu, apprentice and Wu Tang's first student. Together, they will all fight to recover the Last Dragon before it can be used to bestow the Glow on Mr. Han...oh, he's a bad squirrel.

Shaolin Squirrels has maps of The Han Man's monastic retreat, the Monastery. A Buddhist monastery, the abbot is being manipulated by the evil mastermind, Mr. Han (a.k.a. The Han Man). Defeat the Pan brothers, crush The Han Man's plans, recover the Last Dragon and do it all before the world ends. 

Is your Squirrel-Fu strong!?!

What's Inside

SKU HWE 1502
  • Three Color Maps

  • Five new Characters including BoBu the Panda

  • The Han Man

  • Pan Du and Pan Dont

  • Catsinjas!

  • A complete adventure

  • New Magic Items like the House Special Pot Stickers and the Tampori Bowl

  • New Techniques like Iron Chef and Sword Paw-do


MSRP $7.99 U.S.D.
E-Version $2.50 U.S.D.
Format Saddle-Stitch, Color Interior
Page Count 32
Release Date Now!

Squirrels Ahoy: Squirrels of the Spanish Main

Arr! Thar be Squirrels! You and your band of scurvy cutthroat squirrel tree rats crew the Faerie Queen with the Good Captain Jon Swallow at the helm. The Good Captain is quite mad and believe the squirrels to be his human crew. This does not stop them from sailing the Spanish Main in search of booty and treasure. Guarding the captain and a reluctant crew mate of the Squirrels, Peg Leg Pete, a one eyed, one eared, three legged Portuguese Water Dog keeps his good eye on their salty nuts!

Now the ancient home land has called out to its native sons sounding the alarm. The Princess Cashew has been taken captive by the Dread Pirate No Beard! Your brave band of piratical squirrels must save the poor lass before he makes her his wife. The clock is ticking and the lass has nary a hope but for the Squirrels of the Spanish Main!

Squirrels Ahoy is an expansion to the Squirrel Attack core game. It opens the high seas of adventure for those brave enough to ride the waves. An adventure meant to be played in one night with skills, magic and items to expand it to a campaign to last as long as you like. Come aboard matey and find yer berth!


What's Inside

SKU HWE 1503
  • Five Color Maps

  • Five new Characters including Blue Nut, Cannonball Jones and Peg Leg Pete.

  • Captain Rodriguez Mendoza

  • No Beard the Pirate

  • The Piratical Dark Rat Horde!

  • A complete adventure

  • New Magic Items like the The Cat's Paw and the Captain's Hat

  • New Magic like Peg Leg Cannon and Grog Breath


MSRP $7.99 U.S.D.
E-Version $2.50 U.S.D.
Format Saddle-Stitch, Color Interior
Page Count 26
Release Date Now!

Freedom Squirrels : Nuts to the 70s

Hey Dude, is that Freedom Squirrel? Yeah man! Well turn it up! Welcome to the 70s, a time of strange alien time-travelers, secret government psi experiments and evil plots by The Man. Jump into this groovy era as one of the Squirrels who escaped the Rodent Institute for Medicine (R.I.M.) and now fight The Man. Infiltrate the DuMont Factory where the man is brewing his evil concoction and coating cashews (who can resist a cashew?) in his plan to kill Free Love. So hold on to your tassels as we take you on a magic carpet ride.

What's Inside

SKU HWE 1504
  • Two Color Maps

  • Five new Characters including Clarence Clearwater Rodentia, Proud Mary, Momma Cats, Jim and Da Beav.

  • Foes like The Man, his Minions,Alien Robot (the Dolop) and The Orderly

  • A complete adventure

  • New Magic Items like the Alien Probe,Brown Betty Bambalam, the Pet Attack Rock and uch more. 

  • New Psychic powers like Flower Power, Keigel's Grasping Tail and Break on Through 


MSRP $7.99 U.S.D.
E-Version $2.50 U.S.D.
Format Saddle-Stitch, Color Interior
Page Count 28
Release Date Now!

Squirrels In Space : Squirrel Cage

Join the escapees of the Eugenics Wars as the Tool around the galaxy with the crew of the Enterprise. Their mission, to boldly keep their meal ticket, a red shirt named Ted Meete, alive through his first away mission. Can it be done? Who knows, but Captain Tiberius James Hooker does know that he is responsible for over 5 good squirrels. So climb aboard as Ensign Ted Meete and Ensign Ed Spendable beam down to the planet, filled with insane computers, energy beasts and many other surprises designed to make them regret signing on to a starship. This is not going to be easy.

Squirrels In Space is a supplement adventure for Squirrel Attack! and requires the core rules. It includes new rules for new squirrels, new Eugenics powers, skills and foes.

What's Inside

SKU HWE 1505
  • Two Color Maps

  • Five new Characters including Captain Tiberius James Hooker, Mr. Snarf, Nuts and more.

  • Foes like The Guardian, The Protector, and the Orion Slave Squirrel!

  • A complete adventure

  • New Sci-Fi tools like Corbomits Explosive, Romulan Nut Ale and Fazers. 

  • New Eugenics powers like Hypo-Tail, Nano-Pee and the Vulcan Squirrel Pinch 

Fascinating Fun!Fun!Fun!

MSRP $7.99 U.S.D.
E-Version $2.50 U.S.D.
Format Saddle-Stitch, Color Interior
Page Count 28
Release Date Now!

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