What is Shades of Earth?

Shades of Earth (S.o.E.) is an alternate earth history role-playing game.  What does that mean, you might ask.  Quite simply, you role-play characters from different periods in time with slight twists.  In 1938, you might play a group of agents from the top secret Department 12 using your spell casting abilities to thwart evil German agents bent on reaping the souls of humanity for their evil master...or maybe you are on the German's side?!?!?  Sail on a voyage of discovery in search of the west route to the Spice Islands.  In doing so you risk encounters with the Aztecs and fearsome sea monsters.  In 1066, you fight the invading elves who back the Normans as they sweep into England.  Use all your cunning and druidic magics of the Britons to defeat the Normans and the Elven masters.  

Alternate earths also means playing farther along the deviated history.  What if a druid had offered druidic magic to defeat Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge.  After a quick victory over the superior foe, Constantine founds the first colleges of magic which allow the Empire to survive barbarian invasions and expand its borders.  A thousand years later sees a thriving empire with legions, merchants and a powerful mage class.

Shades of Earth uses HinterWelt Enterprises' own Iridium System. The Iridium System is a skill based system that allows simplicity to cross with realism. This is done by creating a modular approach to elements of the game. Since it is skill based (classes are merely starting skill packages) creating new classes means merely coming up with new groupings of skills. The 11 stats that outline the attributes of a character also add to the chance of success with skill. The combat system uses a Defense based on a character's physical attributes. Armor makes you easier to hit but protects you from damage. The body is broken up into 10 different areas and damage is tracked and healed in that manner. Get too low on Fortitude in a vital area and you may pass out. You will not find epic combat in the Iridium System. If you are shot or run through you will most likely die but so will your enemies. 

We, at HinterWelt, feel this is an interesting setting and hope you will take the time to look around and get the feel of the game.