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Release Date July 2005
Format Soft cover, Saddle-Stitch, Color Interior
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A secret base in the Austrian province of Tirol has gone silent. Lerelai Holdst, daughter of Dr. Warner Holdst, is concerned for her father. Nothing will stop her from finding him and bringing him back safely. The problem is, others are looking into this as well. The research station at MittelWald was studying the Beast that hunters from the SS had captured six years ago. This creature, discovered in the wilds of the Amazon, seems invulnerable. Chop its head off and it grows back. Shoot it in the forehead and it comes back. Nothing has a lasting effect and Goering wants it for the German Army. The scientists have developed a serum that enhances a persons strength and regenerative capacities but at the cost of their sanity. On the eve of a breakthrough, while a new serum is being field tested, they realize something has gone horribly wrong. Your job is to find out what. 

It is up to you whether you play Nazis going in to make sure the project is shut down, down to the quick, or a Department 12 team of agents sent to find out how much success they have had. Another group could be mercenaries hired by Lorelei Holdst to rescue her father. All three have different agendas and different goals.

The adventure is a 44 page book that includes new equipment, a complete storyline, setting characters, pre-genned characters, new foes and six maps. On top of all this, the scenario is set up that it can be extended beyond the first adventure as you look for the source of the Beast and its power.  

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Free Lite Player's Section (168 K PDF)

Free Lite Full Austrian Holiday (768 K PDF)

All Characters are 42 K PDF files generated using out CHARGen online character generator, store, and updater.

Sherry Bobbins, English Doctor Father Dean Thompson, English Priest
Roger Kipling, English Scientist Tommy McFinn, Irish Burglar
James Quartermain, English Hunter Roland Hochwelt, German Specialist
Eric Ellestein, Austrian Scientist Sturmbannfuhrer Kyle Richt, German Soldier
Philippe the Worm, Spanish Spy    

Obviously, some of the pre-genned characters will work together better than others. Please consult players and GM for the theme the group should follow. Remember, you can always generate your own characters with the CHARGen!

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