The Tern System

This is the first of our Planetary Guide series. It details the worlds, populations, cultures, and politics of the Tern System. A system containing Kespos, a world of conservative Kezzeren Gren who live a life separate from the rest of the Nebuleos. Galatria, the Imperial capital of the system, views Kespos as a threat as well as the other provincial governments in the system. Still, the governor of Galatria sees the only path through Kespos and her archaic aristocracy.  Geran, another provincial governed planet nearly outside the Grou-Lynn Empire, holds one of the most prized of treasures in the system, the University of Rroen. The University trains the most proficient and highly sought after Gren Psi. Their secrets and methods make Geran a world without need to engage in interstellar trade.

Beyond these three worlds are Tamos with its secretive research and Erastos, a gas giant where the League of Free Gas Miners have entrenched themselves. In addition to all this are extensive maps of the worlds, stations, system and ships used.

This supplement is best if used with Nebuleon SFRPG but would fit any science fiction setting.

Title Tern System Planetary Guide
Stock No. HWE 3010
Format Soft cover, Saddle-Stitch, Color Interior
Page Count 44
Genre Science Fiction RPG
MSRP $16.99
System Iridium System
Release Date Q2 2006
Media Print and PDF