What is Nebuleon

The Nebuleos is an expanse of space. The name Nebuleos comes from an ancient designation by alien creatures called Trhi-T'kree who invaded and dominated the Nebuleos for a thousand years. They conquered in slower than light sleeper ships. They were able to communicate over vast distances with technology only known to them. 

In the second millennium, the Andromedaens rose to power forming an immense trade empire based on their absolute control of faster than light travel. The megacorp InterStar soon dominated all forms of trade. However, they were lax in their protection against disease, preferring to believe themselves immune, and fell to the Tova Delirium. This disease still plagues the Nebuleos and haunts the now xenophobic Andromedaens.

The Third Millennium is dominated by the Gren. The Gren have formed a loose confederation of most of the major races in the Nebuleos and pushed for fair trade and peaceful exploration. There are many elements acting against them from the external threat of the Haga, a theocracy that exists beyond the borders of the Nebuleos to the Tiradi, a terrorist group of artificial entities bent on the destruction of the biologicals. There are may who just do not trust the Gren while others see no use for the Republic of Free Worlds.

Into this your character comes. Whether it is a small mission, just trying to get by as a Free Trader, or their objective is one of epic conquest they can find a home in the Nebuleos.