What is Imperial War?

If you are a fan of Risk or War then you will love Imperial War!

This game is part of our 52-Card Games line. In it you play an Imperator hopeful in the struggle to be control the provinces of the Roman Empire. Using a standard poker deck, you can play against upto three other players using the classic War mechanic from your youth. But it is not that simple.

The map has a number of barbarian territories that can be used to attack your foes, the Whims of the Gods can alter the flow of play and resource management of your legions can make all the difference. More than War, Imperial War is still a quick an easy to learn.

Click here to preview the game board!

Included in the PDF download:

  • Full color board of the Roman Empire
  • Eight pages of rules
  • A list of the provinces and their connections
  • Descriptions of the Whims of the Gods
  • Example of play

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