Iridium System Core Reference

Welcome to our ISCR page. HinterWelt Enterprises has made this page available, with the free download of the Iridium System Core Reference document, so that you, whether publisher, GM or player, would like access to our Iridium System. It is released under the Open Gaming License and may be incorporated or expanded on as you see fit. 

New Iridium System Character Sheet (1 MEG PDF)

Updated with Rich Text Format version allowing editing.

Free Iridium System Core Reference download (1.3 Meg ZIP)

What's Inside

  • Classes, there role and how to make new ones.
  • Skills, what makes them tick and rules on creating your own.
  • Equipment, examples of how they work and what fits in different settings.
  • Combat, examples and resolution including death, bleeding rules, optional rules.
  • Magic, including free form, monk, psi and spell point based examples.
  • Races, how to generate them and quick reference to our current settings.
  • Coupons, information and links to HinterWelt and other publishers


This book has no setting included but has references to all of HinterWelt's current setting books including Tales of Gaea, Shades of Earth, Nebuleon SFRPG and Roma Imperious.